Women, Power, and the Biology of Peace:
Table of Contents

Copyright 2001 by Judith Hand




Section I - Biology

A Female Priority For Stability Vs. A Male Priority to Invade and Conquer

    Martian Men And Venusian Women
    The Biological Logic
    The Genetics of Inclinations
    Inclinations and the Bell Curve

Modern Research and Gender Differences

    Differences in Brain Structure
    Differences in Brain Function
    Studies on Infants and Cross-cultural Studies of Children
    The Outer Boundaries of Human Nature
    Summary of the Central Hypothesis of Women, Power, and the Biology of Peace

Section II - A Powerful, Creative Civilization Without War-Is That Possible?

The Keftian Way

    Comparing State-level Civilizations
    The Keftians - Who, When, Where
    Matriarchy And Use of Power
      Use of Power - Making Decisions for the Community
      How Women Use Power
    Who's Your Mother and Where Do You Live?
    Art and Artifacts
      Women at Least Equal to Men in Influence
      A Sophisticated Culture
      Why Only The Keftians?
      Six Necessary Conditions

Section III - Regulating Social Behavior

Regulating Social Behavior

A Sacred Sex Hypothesis
Evidence from Biology - Chimpanzees and Bonobos
Evidence from Anthropology - The Canela of South America
Evidence from the Keftians - The Keftian Snake Goddesses
Evidence from the Tradition of Sacred Prostitution
The Idea of Romantic Love

Section IV - Women And Warfare

Women and Warfare

    Agricultural Revolution and the Shift in the Balance of Power between the Sexes
    Women As Warriors
      Defense vs. Offense Women, Cycles of Defense (Revenge), and Raids for Resources
    Breaking Free

Section V - Waging Peace

A Vision Of A Peaceful Future And How To Get There

    Taming the Male Urge to Dominate
      Hidden Females - To Solve a Problem We Need to Know What the Problem Is
      Francis Fukuyama's The End of History and the Last Man
        Two Engines of History
          The Scientific Method The Need for Recognition
        A Critique of Fukuyama's Hypothesis
          Hidden Females The need for Connectedness (Positively Met) and the End of History
        Looking for Guidance
        What to Do With Young Men?
        Moving From "Win-Lose" Cultures to Cultures of "Mutual Gain"
        Anticipating Problems

      Empowering Women

        Empowerment Beyond the Political
          Educationally Legally Economically Religiously Worldwide
        Predicting The Future
        A World of Empowered Women
      Blame and Choice

      Back to Balance
        The Study of Existing Women-centered Cultures
        Positive Aspects of Aggression

      Appendix 1 - Organizations Dedicated to Empowering Women Worldwide
      Appendix 2 - Ways to Participate in Waging Peace
      Selected References and Additional Recommended Reading

      Figures and Tables

      Figure 1: The Bull Leapers
      Figure 2: The Procession
      Figure 3: The Prince
      Figure 4: Temple at Knossos
      Figure 5: The Swallows
      Figure 6: The Bluebird
      Figure 7: Girl from Akrotiri
      Figure 8: Girl with Shaved Head
      Figure 9: The Harvest Vase
      Figure 10: Snake Goddesses

      Table 1: Reasons Women Took Up Arms
      Table 2: Conquerors vs. Revolutionaries

      Back to Women, Power, and the Biology of Peace

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